On the 11th July, Grant and Ruth Cooper, Maurice Wilkins and myself, Edwina Aitken, met at the ferry terminal for a trip to Lunga.  This was the second attempt for this trip with the first one cancelled due to bad weather in June.  Luckily for us the weather was fair!


Once boarded we all made for the restaurant for refreshments and breakfast.  The sail to Mull was pleasant with some nice morning light and the chance for early photographs leaving the bay.  The journey was quickly over but the adventure still to begin.  Docked in Craignure and all ensconced in Grant’s car we disembarked and made our way to Tobermory where we were going to catch the boat which would take us to Lunga.


It was a busy trip with people with local and foreign accents all hoping to see the Puffins.  We left Tobermory, set sail over to Kilchoan and picked up some more passengers then it was by fast motor we made off for the Treshnish Islands.  We passed by some stunning coastline, always looking for wildlife, which we were rewarded with once we got nearer to the islands.  Seals were aplenty with a few pups, lots of seabirds, too many to mention, (probably because I couldn’t remember all the species), and a brief history of the islands by the guides.


We landed and all disembarked onto Lunga, uninhabited except for the bird colonies, made our way across the beach, up to the first cliff top there to be greeted by the Puffins coming and going and some other visitors of the human kind on the island.   Two hours on the island so we all got the cameras out and started snapping in earnest hoping to ‘get that’ elusive photo of the Puffins.  Mine would have been the Puffin coming into land with a beak full of sand eels for the little Pufflings in the burrows.  Sadly they were too fast for me this year but there is always next year!  I did manage a Puffin with sand eels and also one walking towards me.  Time came round quickly and it was back to the boat and onto Staffa.


Grant, Ruth and Edwina

click on photo to see an enlarged version


An hour on the island to visit Fingal’s Cave, or go to the top of the hill and view the scenery.  Again, stunning views which I took photos of and as always, looking for the ‘different view’.  Time up and it was boarding time again for a fast trip back to Tobermory via Kilchoan.  On the way back we spotted a White tailed Sea Eagle perched on a fence post and watched it for a while.  Back into Tobermory, disembarked and  travelled back to Craignure with a couple of stops for photos including the ‘wrecked boats’ outside Salen.


A long day but a very pleasant one, with great company and far too many photos to sort, (something for the winter days).  I will take this opportunity to once again thank Grant, Ruth and Maurice for their company and in making this a fantastic trip!  I do hope more members will  manage next year but as always it would be weather and other commitment dependant.



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