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Oban Photographic Club



Competition Results 2018-19


Judge - Gordon Scott

1st Nick Edgington – Dreaming


2nd David Williams – The Big Wave


3rd Linda Thomson – Wait for Me


Subtle Humour 

Judges - Club Members

1st Nick Edgington – Are You Sure You Put it Here!


2nd Hugh Wilson – Does My Bum Look Big in This!


3rd Linda Thomson – Not Doing Clothes Today


Trees and Forests in Argyll

Judge - Katy Weir

1st Graham Cameron – Swimming Trunks


2nd Equal Edwina Aitken  – Tree Lined Battlements


2nd Equal Graham Cameron – Winter is Coming


3rd Equal Nick Edgington – Weathered


3rd Equal Graham Cameron - Beeches


3rd Equal Graham Cameron - Bendy in Benderloch


3rd Equal Maurice Wilkins - Along Way from Home


Commercially Viable 

Judge - Cameron Harris

1st Graham Cameron – Garlic


2nd David Williams - The Fiddler


3rd Linda Thomson – Time for Bed


Nature 2

Judge - Bill Baillie

1st Nick Edgington – Lightning Storm


2nd Nick Edgington – Snow Day


3rd Richard Miller – Cascade from the Sky


Street Photography

Judge - John Ashford

1st Linda Thomson - What is it this Time


2nd Equal Linda Thomson - Getting Made up


2nd Equal Linda Thomson - I am out of Money


2nd Equal David Williams - Hi


2nd Equal David Williams - Just Blethering


2nd Equal Hugh Wilson - What a Team


2nd Equal Gordon Cameron - Busy Bridge




Judge - Guy Phillips


1st  Graham Cameron - Into the Light


2nd Nick Edgington - Bloom


3rd Graham Cameron - Snow and Ice



1st Nick Edgington - Flowering in the Light


2nd Hugh Wilson - Ring of Fire


3rd Nick Edgington - Day Becoming Night


Open 1

Judge - Joan Roy

1st David Williams – Reflections from the Clyde


2nd Nick Edgington  – Vivid


3rd Graham Cameron – Peaceful Waters