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Oban Photographic Club

About Us

Our club has been in existence for almost 60 years now. Until very recently we had a member who could recall joining the Photographic Society – as it was then called – around 1955. In those early days the meeting place moved around depending on what was available. One venue was the local Cottage Hospital. The consultant was a club member.

Membership was drawn mainly from the business community and there were few women members. Was it that women did not enjoy the art of photography or was it seen as “a man’s hobby?” . Fortunately times have changed and our club now enjoys the company of many talented female photographers.

As you might guess in the 1950s images were mainly black & white. A 10" X 8" print mounted on a 12" X 15″ board was the minimum size for a competition entry! Little wonder that darkroom skills were high on the agenda.

As with digital technology today, the introduction of colour slides in those early days again required new skills to be learned. To see images displayed on a large screen was a big step forward. Slide competitions were then introduced. This was followed by SLR cameras which really opened up photography: interchangeable lenses; zoom lenses; auto-focus; macro; wide-angle etc. Isn't it amazing how photographers take on board dramatic changes and just adapt and perfect?

Sixty years on and the club is in fine heart with men and women members from all walks of life. As with many clubs and societies in these difficult times, our membership has dropped over the few years, but the introduction of digital technology has brought new enthusiasm to photography and the general public are keen to learn. Oban Photographic Club caters for a wide range of subjects. If you are prepared to look and listen you will learn what makes a good image – colour, composition, contrast, subject, sharpness etc. and be able to fine-tune your skills. We have visiting professional photographers as guest speakers and judges.

Our aim is to continue to promote the art of photography for the enjoyment of anyone who shows interest.

Competitions provide an opportunity to have your work appraised in a constructive and friendly way – attractive trophies are awarded for winners in the various competitions held throughout the winter session.

Oban’s is a long-established Photographic Club. We are digitally up to speed in most aspects and have some of the latest software (Lightroom and Photoshop) on the club's laptop – come along and discuss techniques with fellow enthusiasts.