2022-2023 Competition Results

Competition 7

Judge- In house

1st Edwina Aitken

2nd Donna Weilbo - Band Together, Oban

3rd equal - Edwina Aitken - Castle Trails

3rd Equal Edwina Aitken - Evening of Colour

3rd Equal Maurice Wilkins - The answer, my friend

Competition 6

Judge - Bob Humphries

1st Colin Ross - Elgol Storm Brewing

2nd Gordon Milne - Winter sun on the wreck

3rd Colin Ross - Anstruther

Competitions 5

Judge - Val Hamilton

1st - Edwina Aitken - Droplets

2nd Colin Ross - Blackpool Pier

3rd - Hugh Wilson - Morning Frost

Subtle Humour

Judge - Club Members Knockout

1st Donna Wielbo - I dropped it here, somewhere

2nd equal Keith Thorburn - Hands up if you shave your pits.

2nd equal David Williams - Toilet Rules

Competition 3

Judge Stephen Lawson

1st Linda Thomson - Autumn Foliage

2nd Equal Colin Ross -Rock Detail

2nd Equal Keith Thornburn - Pine Martin in Evening Light

3rd Equal ColinRoss - Lindisfarne

3rd Equal Colin Ross - Strangford Lough

Open Mono Prints

Judge - Bob McCulloch

1st Audrey Peddie - I have my eye on you

2nd equal Keith Thorburn - Raining on the Buzzard

2nd Equal - Audrey Peddie - Harris Wave

3rd Keith Thornburn - Squirrel on the Rocks

Open Colour Prints

1st Donna Wielbo - Greg

2nd Donna Wielbo - Moon Snail Shell

3rd Donna Wielbo - Florida Flamingo


Open 1

Judge - Ruth Hayton

1st - David Williams - The Glassworker

2nd - Keith Thorburn - Monarch of the Glen

3rd Keith Thorburn - I have a wet hoodie


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